Addiction Services

Trauma, Addictions, Mental Health and Recovery (TAMAR)

TAMAR is a State funded program offered to women who are detained in Caroline and Dorchester detention centers.  These women have been identified, or self-identified, as having a history of physical and/or sexual abuse and a recent treatment history for a mental health condition, as well as a drug use/abuse disorder.  Individuals eligible to participate are encouraged to voluntarily join the program with the knowledge that participation does not in itself reduce jail time.

Mid-Shore Fresh Start Program, Inc.

FRESH START is a nonprofit Transitional Supportive Housing program for people recovering from substance abuse addiction. Their goal is to provide, in the mid-shore area, a stable housing environment complemented by aggressive case management to assist the residents in achieving sobriety, independence, and self-sufficiency with enhanced possibilities for future success.

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center provide a safe, caring and therapeutic environment for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. We offer patients and their families a customized, individualized and patient-centered treatment approach that promotes long term recovery and provides the tools necessary to reconstruct their lives free from alcohol and drugs. Services include opiate detox, IOP/Outpatient Treatment, adolescent treatment, family and individual counseling, vocational/life skills training, drug assessments, evaluations, and interventions

Talbot Partnership for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

Talbot Partnership has a long history of building strong community norms through substance abuse awareness, education and advertising. Talbot Partnership, through its coalition, encourages the community to recognize the problems and implement solutions related to alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse by implementing polices, promoting early intervention programs and building a culture that favors a healthy, safe and drug free community.   

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