Maryland Community Criminal Justice Treatment Program
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Maryland Community Criminal Justice Treatment Program

The Maryland Community Criminal Justice Treatment Program (MCCJTP) is a State funded jail based mental health program that targets individuals 18 and older who have a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, major affective disorder, organic mental disorder, and other psychotic disorders.  MCCJTP more commonly referred to as the “jail program” is administered in all five counties of the Mid-Shore region, as well as 18 additional jurisdictions in the State.  Common goals among participating jurisdictions include:

  • Identify individuals in the criminal justice system who have severe and persistent mental illness or who are at risk for re-hospitalization at a psychiatric facility.
  • Deliver clinically appropriate mental health services to identified individuals.
    • Health services are delivered in cooperation with the medical/psychiatric staff of the detention center.
    • Health services are delivered by a licensed, Master’s level clinician who is responsible for providing bio-psycho-educational treatment in individual and/or group sessions.
  • Case management services conducted by an individual with a minimum degree of baccalaureate who provides coordination of services while the consumer is incarcerated as well as development of an aftercare plan with the consumer in making community referrals, advocating “mainstream” services, and establishing communication for monitoring the receipt of treatment upon re-entry to the community.
  • Educate detention center staff members, community mental health providers, and appropriate stakeholders with regard to the needs of this population.
  • Maintain communication with courts, parole and probation, and community-based providers to provide information about MCCJTP.

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