Mid-Shore Fresh Start Program, Inc.
600 Dover Road,
Suite 107
Easton, MD 216010
United States
(443) 496-1379 / (443) 239-1429

Mid-Shore Fresh Start Program, Inc.

FRESH START is a nonprofit Transitional Supportive Housing program for people recovering from substance abuse addiction. Their goal is to provide, in the mid-shore area, a stable housing environment complemented by aggressive case management to assist the residents in achieving sobriety, independence, and self-sufficiency with enhanced possibilities for future success.

Individuals in the early stage of substance abuse recovery often encounter multiple problems which may impede their efforts to remain clean and sober. In addition to the addiction itself, there are often housing, employment, legal, and family problems.

Support in areas such as housing, jobs, and appropriate emotional and social skills contributes to a greater likelihood that the recovering individual will remain clean and sober over the long term. The Fresh Start Program provides the mid-shore area with a transitional supportive housing program for persons who have completed a drug and/or alcohol treatment program.

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