St. Martin’s House / Barn (Ridgely)
14374 Benedictine Lane
Ridgely, MD 21600
United States
(410) 634-2537

St. Martin’s House / Barn (Ridgely)

Saint Martin’s House offers a transitional program to assist homeless women and their families in gaining education, self-knowledge and life skills. The program requires commitment and desire to change behaviors.

A family may reside at Saint Martin’s House for up to 24 months as long as the resident complies with program guidelines and achieves planned goals.

Women interested in learning more about Saint Martin’s House should call 410-634 -2537.  To be considered for the program,  a woman needs to complete an initial inquiry with a staff member via telephone.  During the phone conversation, an appointment date  will be scheduled for a face to face interview to help determine eligibility for the program.

For St. Martin's Barn (Food Pantry) contact 410-634-1140

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